50 airports are getting temporary protection from new 5G signals

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A total of 50 airports across the United States are being given temporary protection from new 5G coverage to ensure safety, according to a new report. This comes following concerns from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that C-band network masts could disrupt the flight systems used by airplanes.

According to a Cnet report, the 50-strong list includes hubs including John F. Kennedy International in New York City, Los Angeles International, and Chicago's O'Hare International. All of the airports are in areas where C-band 5G coverage is expected to go live on January 19.

A statement by the FAA notes all 50 airports as well as saying that the "FAA continues to work with the aerospace manufacturers and wireless companies to make sure 5G is safely deployed and to limit the risk of flight disruptions at all airports."

The temporary buffer zones will ensure that landing airplanes will have around 20 seconds of signal-free airtime, according to the Cnet report.

The temporary buffer zones encompass slightly more than a mile around landing runways that completely ban C-band 5G signal, providing planes with 20 seconds of signal-free time while they come in for landing.

The ongoing 5G rollout is a big deal for carriers. Verizon recently announced that it will bring 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity to 100 million people this month with more than 1,700 cities covered.

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