Apple ready to make mysterious announcement on Jan. 13

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NewsTop stories There’s an Apple announcement coming January 13. Apple is about to announce... something.
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CBS This Morning reports that Apple will make a “big announcement” on Wednesday. But what is about to be revealed remains a matter for speculation.

Unfortunately, it’s not a new product.

It’s definitely happening

Gayle King briefly spoke with Apple CEO Tim Cook about the decision to bar the Parler social-networking service from the iPhone Store over the weekend for violating Apple’s terms of service.

The CBS This Morning co-host then explained that the segment was so short because it was just a snippet from a larger interview. “This was an interview that was scheduled because they have a big announcement that they want to announce tomorrow,” said King. “It is not a new product.”

Still, she didn’t downplay what’s coming on Wednesday, even if it’s not new hardware. “It’s very exciting what we’re going to tell you about tomorrow.:”

What’s could the Apple announcement be?

As details on Cook’s imminent announcement have not yet leaked out, there’s plenty of room for speculation. Tim Cook could use this opportunity to discuss an upcoming requirement that each iPhone application specifically ask if it can track the user for advertising purposes. Companies like Facebook that make their money from tracking users are opposed to the feature. Cook may be taking to the airwaves the explain the change, and reveal the launch date.

Another possibility is that Cook will unveil an environmental initiative. In the past, the company has committed to numerous green initiatives. In 2018, it became the world’s first major tech company to be powered by 100% renewable energy. for example.

Or the announcement could be related to the Apple/Google COVID-19 tracking system. This was built into iOS and Android, but has seen little use in the United States. There could be news.

Of course, it could be something else. Just not new hardware or software.

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