Apple Reduces Trade-in Values for Android Devices

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Apple has adjusted the trade-in values for several Android smartphones. Besides, Apple’s own devices such as the iPad and Mac also see a fall in trade-in prices. It is customary for the iPhone maker to change trade-in values for devices at regular intervals.

Apple’s trade-in program lets you exchange your old devices for an Apple gift card. You can even opt for credit towards your next purchase at the Apple Store. However, the value of the device depends on its condition.

Samsung smartphones saw the biggest devaluation of the lot, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s trade-in price falling by $100, from $385 to $285.

Here are some of the new trade-in prices:

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: $260 (was $325) Samsung Galaxy S20+: $205 (was $275) Samsung Galaxy S20: $150 (was $205) Samsung Galaxy S10: $150 (was $160) Samsung Galaxy S9: $65 (was $75) Samsung Galaxy S8: $50 (no change) Samsung Galaxy Note 20: $285 (was $385) Samsung Galaxy Note 10: $175 (was $235) Samsung Galaxy Note 9: $120 (was $130) Samsung Galaxy Note 8: $45 (was $65) Google Pixel 5: $235 (was $315) Google Pixel 4: $110 (was $150) Google Pixel 3: $45 (was $55) Google Pixel 3a: $50 (no change)

Apple has also reduced the trade-in prices for some of its iPad and Mac models.

Baseline iPad: $200 (was $205) iPad Air: $335 (was $345) MacBook Pro: $1415 (was $1630) MacBook Air: $530 (was $550) MacBook (discontinued): $325 (was $340) iMac: $1260 (was $1320) Mac mini: $740 (was $800)

It is to be noted that these prices represent the maximum trade-in value for the device, depending on its condition. However, if your device is unsalvageable, Apple can also take it off your hands and recycle it for free.

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