Apple's leather cases for iPhone 13 Pro: Hands on and first impressions

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Apple's supremely soft leather cases have once again been updated for the latest batch of iPhones. Ahead of the iPhone 13 release, we go hands-on with all the new colors.

Size and fit

While Apple offers all colors of its leather case in variations for the iPhone 13 mini,iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, we'll be looking at the iPhone 13 Pro model.

We've stressed this already in our hands-on with Apple's silicone cases, but we'll repeat it again here. Unlike with iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases are not interchangeable.

iPhone 13 Pro case on iPhone 13 dummy unit

iPhone 13 Pro case on iPhone 13 dummy unit

As the iPhone 13 Pro has a significantly larger camera module, iPhone 13 cases will not fit inside. While iPhone 13 Pro cases will fit on the iPhone 13, there will be notable empty space around the camera bump.

Design and new colors

Just as Apple didn't massively alter the design of its signature silicone case, the leather cases have remained unchanged as well. That doesn't stop them from being one of our favorites, however.

Apple's leather case

Apple's leather case

The experience of the leather case is above that of the silicone case, including the packaging. Whereas the silicone case is put inside a thin box with a sticker seal, the leather case has a thicker box without a sticker.

Instead, it has an all-paper locking mechanism that pops open and closed. It's a small detail, but Apple does differentiate between the quality levels.

The anodized metal buttons on Apple's leather case

The anodized metal buttons on Apple's leather case

The case itself has a rigid interior with very soft leather on the outside, and an Apple logo embossed into the center of the back. Along the sides, the buttons are anodized pieces of aluminum that are color-matched to the cases themselves.

The inside of Apple's leather case

The inside of Apple's leather case

On the inside is a gentle microfiber lining that will prevent any scratches to your phone. You can also see a circle on the inside, indicative of the case's support for MagSafe.

Dark Cherry case

Dark Cherry leather case

The new seasonal colors for iPhone 13 are Golden Brown, Dark Cherry, Sequoia Green, Midnight, and Wisteria.

Available now

Despite iPhone 13 not releasing until September 24, Apple's new leather cases — and silicone cases — are available to order now. You can find them on Amazon for $59.99.

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