Apple slashes trade-in prices on a bunch of Android phones

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We have disappointing news for those who are currently thinking about swapping their Android smartphone for an iPhone. Apple just cut its trade-in prices for a bunch of popular handsets from Google and Samsung.

The reductions are pretty significant in most cases. A Galaxy S21+ 5G, which was previously worth up to $435, now fetches as much as $325. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, previously valued at up to $545, will now get you up to $405.

Some Mac and iPad models have also had their trade-in prices cut.

Apple won’t pay as much for Android phones

Apple has long been buying up third-party devices in an effort to encourage Android users to switch to iPhone. Although you can always make more by selling your old gadgets elsewhere, its trade-in prices were pretty decent.

But they just took a pretty major hit. Many of the most popular Android phones are now worth significantly less than they were — in Apple’s eyes, at least. Here are the maximum payouts you can now expect for those that have changed:


Pixel 5 — $235 (down from $315)Pixel 4 XL — $135 (down from $180)Pixel 4a — $120 (down from $160)Pixel 4 — $110 (down from $150)Pixel 3 XL — $50 (down from $70)Pixel 3a XL — $50 (down from $55)Pixel 3 — $45 (down from $55)


Galaxy Note 20 Ultra — $405 (down from $545)Galaxy S21+ 5G — $325 (down from $435)Galaxy Note 20 — $285 (down from $385)Galaxy S21 5G — $260 (down from $325)Galaxy S20+ — $205 (down from $275)Galaxy Note 10 — $175 (down from $235)Galaxy S10+ — $170 (down from $185)Galaxy S20 — $150 (down from $205)Galaxy S10 — $150 (down from $160)Galaxy S10e — $120 (down from $130)Galaxy Note 9 — $120 (down from $130)Galaxy S9+ — $80 (down from $95)Galaxy S9 — $65 (down from $75)Galaxy Note 8 — $45 (down from $65)

Mac and iPad prices down, too

Apple has also reduced its trade-in valuations for a number of Mac and iPad models. Here are the maximums you can expect from those that have changed:

iPad Air — $335 (down from $345)iPad — $200 (down from $205)MacBook — $325 (down from $340)MacBook Air — $530 (down from $550)MacBook Pro — $1,415 (down from $1,630)Mac mini — $740 (down from $800)iMac — $1,260 (down from $1,320)

To get an updated valuation for your old device, visit the trade-in page of Apple’s website and enter its details. Before you proceed, however, you might want to shop around for the best price. Some services will offer more.

Cult of Mac has its own buyback program, and we typically pay more than Apple — and other services — for most devices, including iPhone. We also cough up real cash you can spend anywhere, rather than store credit.

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