Bandai Namco unveils new official Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi for your collection today

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After seeing the PAC-MAN and Toy Story models previously, today Bandai Namco is introducing the new Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi Nano. Joining the previously released Tamagotchi Star Wars: R2-D2 that now starts at $12.50, the new Grogu edition marks the first time we will see Baby Yoda in official virtual pocket pet form. Soon to be available in a couple different editions, you can get a closer look and more details down below at the new Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi Nano. 

New collectible Grogu Tamagotchi Nano is here

Much like the crossover editions we have seen thus far, the new Baby Yoda Tamagotchi delivers a family virtual pet experience but with a series of themed actions, activities, and mini games. It is about as perfect a virtual pocket pet as it is a collectible from a galaxy far, far away.  

The adorable and mysterious Star Wars series character is a pop culture phenomenon and fans around the world have been eager to experience protect and nurture gameplay following the success of the Star Wars R2-D2TM Tamagotchi Nano. 

Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi Nano features the usual collection of mini-games including two you can enjoy at any time, and others you play to ”nurture” the little Jedi with “10 playable outcomes depending on how you interact with him.” 

You can feed Grogu squid chowder and macarons to keep him happy, and depending on how well you do, Baby Yoda will evolve “into one of 12 different appearances.”

Will you be able to successfully nurture Grogu or will the Dark Trooper take him away first? Find out with the Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi Nano and the exciting features that make this device the ultimate on-the-go fun for fans everywhere! 

Here’s a quick look at the feature set:

Take care of the Grogu themed character featured in the Tamagotchi Nano device to
change into one of 12 different appearances. Play mini-games that alternate with 10 playable outcomes depending on how you
interact with him. Plus includes 2 additional mini-games available anytime to play. The Tamagotchi Nano device allows you to feed Grogu squid chowder and macarons to
nurture. If you feed the Grogu Tamagotchi too much squid chowder, the squid will jump on him. Special guests come and visit every hour.
Age grade: 8+
Battery included (2 x LR44)
No Wi-Fi needed

The new Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi Nano comes in two flavors, the standard blue edition or the “Using the Force” version, which comes included with the 3D Baby Yoday silicone case seen above. There are no specific pricing details available just yet, but Bandai Namco tells us the new Baby Yoda Tamagotchi will go up for “pre-order soon” and, if it’s anything like the Star Wars: R2-D2, will run you $20 Prime shipped. 

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