Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand review: Minimalistic, gets the job done

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Great MagSafe compatible accessories can be attached to a high price tag. Belkin, who has produced several MagSafe-compatible accessories, may have broken the stereotype with the affordable Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand.

Usually, for charging stands that do not have an Apple Watch puck attached to them, they have a wireless charging pad included underneath them. The Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand only charges one device — and that is an iPhone.

The Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand is a minimalistic charging stand that does one job and one job only. But the question is, does it do a good enough job for what it costs?

Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand design

The Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand is designed to be minimalistic and not to take up too much room wherever you place it.

A big circular magnetic disk is positioned on top of the stand, letting you set your MagSafe device on it. The rest of the stand is located underneath, which offers nothing more than supporting the charger.

On top of the charging disk is a little LED light that indicates when power is flowing to the charger and when your device is successfully charging.

LED light indicating successful charging

Behind and at the bottom of the Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand is a USB-C cable that connects it to power. This cord is long and sturdy, and should ease any worries about there not being a lot of free range on where you can place the charging stand.

Power cable to charging stand

The stand is tilted upwards, so you can use it while FaceTiming with ease. Though it is tilted, it is only stationed at one degree, so you can not tilt it further up or down.

The charging stand comes in two colors — white and black.

Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand functionality

The Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand works like any other MagSafe-compatible charging device — you place your iPhone on it, the MagSafe charging animations appear, and the device starts charging.

iPhone charging on the charging stand

With MagSafe, you can configure your iPhone to either be in portrait or landscape mode while charging. This is good for FaceTime or watching media while your device is charging.

Fast charging is available from the Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand, but only up to 7.5W with a 20W charging brick connected to it. This does not utilize the full 15W charging speeds that MagSafe offers — or that can be found in other Belkin MagSafe charging devices.

On Apple gear, a 20w charging brick can support 15W fast charging speeds. Though the Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand is compatible with MagSafe, it may not be able to give all that the feature has to offer.

This isn't uncommon, but it is disappointing.

Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand compatibility

The Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand is compatible with any devices that offer MagSafe capabilities.

This ranges from the iPhone 12 series and later and any AirPods whose case has MagSafe built into them (so AirPods (3rd Gen.) and either AirPods Pro generation).

Does one thing, and that's fine

The Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand is a great charging stand that offers a light and minimalistic design in either black or white. The long and sturdy power cable behind it offers a wide range of areas for you to place the charging stand to your desire.

The full integration of MagSafe allows you to easily place your device on it to charge and then simply pull it off when done. You will always know your device is successfully charging by being placed precisely by the aligning magnets and the LED light on top of the charging puck.

The downside is that it only charges up to 7.5w speeds when using it, but MagSafe is capable of offering 15w charging speeds when offered. Belkin does make other charging stands that offer that type of charging speed.

For $25, it this is a good charging stand made by a reliable company. As it only offers one charging location, it may not be for everyone who wants to charge multiple devices at once.

The Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand does one job, and one job only. It does the job well — but not the best — and it is up to you to decide if it is enough for you.

Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand pros

Minimalistic design MagSafe compatible Lightweight Long power cable Fast charging

Belkin Wireless Magnetic Charging Stand cons

Charges only one device at a time No wireless charging pad underneath No 15w fast charging speeds

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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