Courant Mag:2 is the most elegant iPhone stand yet

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News 2 is the most elegant iPhone stand yet The Courant Mag:2 is like a useful work of art for your desk.
Photo: Courant

The new Courant Mag:2 stands out from the crowd of iPhone charging stands with an elegant, sweeping design. Place the handset on the elevated charging disk and it is ready for video calls while the battery is being replenished.

And a separate charging mat powers up an AirPods charging case.

Courant Mag:2 iPhone stand is beautiful and functional

Courant created Mag:2 at the request of its customers. “One of the brand’s most requested product forms was always a vertical charging stand – it eliminates the need to pick up your phone to enable Face ID or prop it up while on FaceTime or a phone call,” says the company.

The iPhone magnetically attaches to the stand with Apple’s MagSafe system, which includes magnets built into the handset. That makes it comparable with the iPhone 14, 13 and 12 series. The mat for an AirPods wireless charging case depends on gravity.

2 charges both an iPhone and AirPods case.Courant Mag:2 charges both an iPhone and AirPods case.
Photo: Courant

The Mag:2 is available now on Courant’s website. The cost is $100. It is available in Belgian linen or Italian leather in eight different neutral colors.

Those who prefer an iPhone charger that lays flat should consider the Courant Catch:2. It’s just a beautifully designed.

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