Edison Mail launches stackable search filters across multiple accounts

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Edison Mail, a powerful email app client, is releasing a new iOS feature that aims to revamp the Search algorithm when you have multiple accounts and can’t remember where that important message came from.

Over this year, Edison Mail added several new features to its app. It now runs natively on Apple silicon Macs, and a few months ago, was updated with powerful spam-blocker features.

Now with this new Search algorithm, the app promises to “deliver more relevant and stress-free inbox results when you search.” The developer claims its the first time a third party email app can stack your inbox search filters to apply across your multiple email accounts from Gmail, Outlook, and others.

This update includes:

Smarter algorithms engineered to de-prioritize emails from business senders and individuals you don’t respond to, returning more relevant results for each query; Intelligent grouping of all the email addresses associated with an individual contact, so you never need to worry which email account of yours has what you’re looking for; New Search filter options allow you to comb your inbox by specific email account, date, from/to, flagged, pinned, and unread messages; Automatically displays your recent searches, so you can quickly find what you’ve previously searched for, should you need it again; Even before you begin to type in a search term, any upcoming plans like reservations or travel bookings are previewed automatically at the very top of the search screen. 

“Let’s face it, when you need to find information quickly in your inbox, there is nothing more frustrating than not getting the results you need immediately,” said Mikael Berner, co-founder and CEO at Edison Mail. “The nature of searching is that nobody does it the same way – there are countless behavior patterns to anticipate which makes offering accurate email search very difficult. We believe we’ve finally cracked email search so that you can find the results you need faster and easier.”

This update is now available at the App Store here. The app is free, but you may need in-app purchases to take full advantage of the email client.

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