Eve HomeKit products starting as low as $35 with Black Friday coupons

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If you've been working hard to set up your smart home using HomeKit, you know that great HomeKit accessories can cost a lot. Everything from lights to thermostats to smart switches are super important to the perfect smart home, which is why these Blac Friday discounts on Eve HomeKit accessories are some of the best Black Friday HomeKit deals you'll find!

All these Black Friday deals one Eve accessories are by coupon, so make sure ou add the coupon before you hit that check out button so you get the lowest price possible!

Eve Cam Render Cropped

Eve Cam - Secure Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

Monitor activity, protect your home from intruders, and keep an eye on pets and kids with the 1080p Eve Cam. End-to-end encryption ensures your privacy.

$112.46 at Amazon

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Eve Energy Strip

This smart home triple outlet and power meter let you control up to three devices. That means you can turn any ordinary lamp, fan, appliance, or another electrical device into a smart device and control it using Siri or the Home app.

$79.95 at Amazon

Eve Aqua Homekit Render Cropped

Eve Aqua

Eve Aqua lets you control your home's sprinkler system via HomeKit. Now your lawn or garden can take care of itself when you're on vacation.

$69.95 at Amazon

Eve Light Strip Homekit Render Cropped

Eve Light Strip

Eve Light Strip gives you a beautiful whole-room ambiance with full-spectrum white and color, premium triple-diode architecture, and ultra-bright 1800 lumens.

$55.95 at Amazon

Eve Button lying down on a white surface

Eve Button

The Eve Button combines the convenience of a button with a sleek, modern design. This beauty has a large button in the center, capable of supporting three distinct actions via a press, double press, or press and hold. The Eve Button connects to HomeKit via Bluetooth, allowing it to work without a hub and additional setup.

$34.95 at Amazon

If you've been thinking about dipping your toe into Apple's HomeKit or want to expand your use of smart home products, Black Friday is the time to jump in. With these discounts, your home will be smarter and your wallet happier.

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