Fix for incessant iOS 16 ‘allow paste’ pop-ups in development

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News Fix for incessant iOS 16 'allow paste' pop-ups in development Apple has promised to fix this.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

A pop-up window in iOS 16 asking iPhone users to approve pasting into an app is appearing far more often than it should, according an Apple executive. A fix is on the way.

In the mean time, keep hitting “Allow Paste.”

Yes, allow the $%*& paste!!

All too many people using iOS 16 have quickly become familiar with a pop-up window asking if they will allow one application to receive something pasted from another app. They see the constantly. It comes up whenever they they attempt to paste text into an app.

But that’s not supposed to happen, according to an Apple executive.

A user sent a complaint to Apple and got a response from Apple VP Ron Huang, according to MacRumors. “This is absolutely not expected behavior, and we will get to the bottom of it,” said the executive.

‘Allow paste’ is supposed to be iOS 16 privacy protection

The pop-up is intended to be a privacy protection, not drive users mental. Apple’s description for iOS 16 notes that, “Apps need your permission before accessing the pasteboard to paste content from another app.”

The goal is to prevent applications from accessing the iPhone clipboard without the user being aware of it. Someone could have recently copied a password or other private info, and a rogue app could surreptitiously access the info. This can’t happen if the user sees a pop-up window requiring them to approve a paste when they aren’t pasting anything.

But the current situation, where every single paste must be approved, needs a fix ASAP. Fortunately, Apple is on it.

The company is also working to take care of a bug that causes iPhone 14 Pro cameras to starts shaking when using some third-party apps.

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