Here's Apple's 2021 holiday ad, shot on iPhone 13 Pro

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Apple has today shared its annual holiday ad, with Saving Simon shot using an iPhone 13 Pro with the help of two Oscar nominees.

The video, which runs for three minutes, was directed by Oscar Nominee Jason Reitman and his father, Oscar Nominee Ivan Reitman.

Check it out!

A story for everyone who can't wait for the holidays to get here. Directed by Oscar® Nominee Jason Reitman and his father, Oscar® Nominee Ivan Reitman.

Shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

The ad shows a boy kicking over some snowmen in front of his house, but before he can get to the last one his sister saves it — and keeps it in a freezer to ensure its safety. I'll let you watch the ad yourself to get the full feel — because there are definitely feels to be had!

The fact that the ad was shot on an iPhone 13 Pro, probably the best iPhone Apple has ever made in terms of video capabilities, shouldn't be a surprise. Apple shares similar videos all year round and this one just so happens to have a holiday angle to it. It's a great ad of course, and you'd expect nothing less. It's amazing what an iPhone can do — especially when you give it to two Oscar nominees and some professional actors.

Looking to grab an iPhone 13 Pro of your own? This Black Friday is as good a time as any to bag yourself an Apple bargain.

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