HomePod mini is being tested in Denmark and Norway amid rumored expansion

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Apple is rumored to have designs on launching its HomePod mini smart speaker in a raft of new countries following the news that it is being tested in Denmark and Norway. This comes after yesterday's discovery that similar tests are underway in Sweden.

Following reports by recordere.dk that Danish and Norwegian tests are underway it now seems to only be a matter of time before the smart speaker goes on sale in those countries. The same presumably goes for Sweden, too.

As MacRumors notes, Apple recently added language support for the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Russia to the HomePod software last month, suggesting they could also be getting their first taste of HomePod mini soon.

Apple's HomePod mini went on sale in October 2020 and was refreshed in November 2021 to add some new colors. Now, white, space gray, yellow, orange, and blue colors are available. They are all functionally identical, however.

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