An M1X MacBook Pro tag has been spotted in Apple's WWDC YouTube video

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Apple was rumored to be announcing a new M1X MacBook Pro during this week's WWDC and while it didn't happen, it might have been planned at one point. That's because tags found in Apple's WWDC keynote YouTube video mention it.

First spied by Max Balzer, the tags reference all of the things you'd expect them to, including iOS 15, Developers, and more. And then there's one reference that you might not have expected to see – M1x MacBook Pro.


Everyone stay calm... but I just spotted these tags on Apple's YouTube livestream of the June 7 keynote!!!

APPLE CONFIRMED THE M1X!!!@jon_prosser you were right after all!!!

This isn't fake, you can get the @TubeBuddy extension for YT and it shows them!

— Max Balzer #WWDC21 (@maxbalzer_) June 9, 2021

Apple had been rumored to potentially have as many as two new Apple silicon Macs ready to be announced during the WWDC opening keynote, both with new Mini-LED screens – one 14-inch, and one 16-inch. But it's that M1X chip that's most exciting with reports suggesting it will support up to 64GB of RAM and feature as many as 32 GPU cores. Whenever it does release, this thing is going to be fast.

It not looks most likely that we'll see the new M1X MacBook Pros arrive before the end of this year at least, although you never do know. It does now seem to be the case that Apple did, at one point at least, plan to announce the machines this week. When the decision was made to nix them from the lineup, nobody knows.

Well, someone knows. But they aren't telling.

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