Best desks for students in 2021

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Best desks for students iMore 2021

If you're a student and you're in need of a desk, you probably have a few requirements for said desk. You may not have a lot of space to work with, a lot of money to invest in a desk, or a lot of tools for putting together some advanced contraption. You need simple designs with plenty of storage and maybe some extra functionality, like the ability to convert to a standing desk or an extra-long L-shape design so you can have room for activities. Here are the best standing desks on Amazon.

Need Computer Desk

Best Overall: Need 63-inch computer desk and workstation

Top Pick

Ample space for work, art, and a computer. Simple design made with a thick metal frame and durable wood. It's also waterproof and has an anti-scratch surface so you don't have to worry about making a mess. Easy to assemble, too.

$100 at Amazon

Coleshome Computer Desk

Simplest Option: Coleshome 47-inch modern computer desk

You can upgrade to a larger size as there are a couple available. Adjustable leg pads help keep the desk sturdy on an uneven floor. Simple design is assembled in four steps. The legs are made with heavy-duty steel.

$70 at Amazon

Shw Black Cherry Desk

Best Ease of Use: SHW Home Office 55-inch computer desk

Mde with a steel frame and a particle board. The desk top has two grommets for cable management. Easy to assemble and adjustable for uneven floors. Comes with everything you need to put it together.

$89 at Amazon

Foxemart Computer Desk

Best Writing Space: Foxemart 39-inch writing computer desk

This is a no-frills desk with plenty of room for a laptop and space for other creative endeavors. The triangular junction design of the legs helps keep the whole thing as stable as possible, even on uneven floors. It's a great desk for the forgetful since the desktop is scratch resistant and water resistant. It works in small spaces, too, because it won't get scuffed up or lose stability if you collide with it.

$60 at Amazon

Shw L Shaped Desk

Best L-Shaped Desk: SHW L-Shaped home office corner desk

L-shaped desks are really great when you need more space to work but don't have more space to work in. Made with wood grain particle board and includes two grommets for cable organization. Has open shelves for storage, step-by-step instructions for assembly, and all the tools you need.

$87 at Amazon

Vivo Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk: Vivo height-adjustable 32-inch standing desk converter

If you already have a desktop, but you're spending too much time sitting, grab this adjustable standing desk converter. It'll get you on your toes while still letting you sit when you need to. Has enough room for dual monitors and takes little-to-no assembly.

$110 at Amazon

Do the Work

Whether you're looking for a desk for your kid in high school, or you're a college student that needs some space for your creative writing and your laptop, a desk is essential. A simple design with four legs and a wide desktop is going to be your best bet. It will have room for a computer tower underneath and monitors and other things on top. Need's 63-inch computer desk does all that nicely with plenty of space to work with. The design is nice for a small apartment or dorm room, too.

If you need something slightly more complex, grab the SHW L-shaped desk. That design is perfect for maximizing space in a small area, and it also provides you a ton of space to work with. You can setup a computer, a little place to work on art or creative writing, and use all the included shelving for textbooks or other storage.

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