Best Garden Fence 2021

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A good garden fence is good for a few things, be it keeping kids and pets in the yard, adding some extra privacy to your property, or simply framing your lawn and looking pretty. Whatever your motivation for getting set up with a garden fence, here are the best you can buy.

Zippity Fence

Best overall: Zippity Outdoor Products Madison Vinyl Picket Fence

Staff Pick

When you think "garden fence", you likely picture the classic white picket fence look. That's exactly what you get with Zippity's Madison fence. It's designed to be a semi-permanent fence made with weather-resistant vinyl. It's super easy to set up without any digging needed — simply insert the pointed stakes into the ground.

$69 at Amazon

Amagabeli Fence

Ornamental look: Amagabeli Decorative Garden Fence

If you want something more rustic-looking, one of Amagabeli's many styles of decorative wrought iron fences might suit you better. With a rustproof construction, delicate scrollwork, and other design details, this fence adds a bit more of a dramatic look to your garden.

$76 at Amazon

Sunnyglade Edging

Best border: Sunnyglade Decorative Garden Border

If you just want a small fence to add a border to flower beads or provide a decorative edge to your lawn, this affordable Sunnyglade 12-pack is for you. Made of recycled plastic, it's easy to set these fences up in varying shapes and each part is designed with interlocking lugs which can easily lock each other together

$43 at Amazon

Mininfa Willow Fence

Added privacy: Mininfa Natural Willow Privacy Screen

If you're already set up with a fence and want a little extra privacy, or you have a fence that you don't like the look of, this eco-friendly screen is a great add-on. You don't need any installation skills to get it set up, simply roll it out and affix it to your existing fence targeting object.

$170 at Amazon

Greenes Fence

Protect your plants: Greenes CritterGuard Cedar Garden Fence

Those that maintain fruit, vegetable, and herb, gardens outside will likely know the trouble that you can have with cats, rabbits, and other animals getting into your precious planting beds. These cedar and steel fences are easy to install and work great for protecting your bounty.

$70 at Amazon

Yardgard Wire

Best for precision: Yardgard Galvanised Wire Fence

If you want a simple solution for creating property boundary demarcation or want an affordable way to keep in small pets, a mesh fence might make sense. Yardgard's has a galvanized zinc coating that provides longer life and helps resist rust over time.

$62 at Amazon

There are many different types of garden fences, but those shopping online for one likely want something affordable and easy to install. We listed the Zippity Outdoor Products Madison as the best overall fence choice as it looks great, is simple to set up, and won't cost a fortune to set up around your lawn.

Other options available online are more decorative or particularly great for keeping critters in or out, so there are plenty of options depending on your exact needs.

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