Huge Sofa 3 update adds new features and a new business model

1 month ago 25

Sofa has long been one of my favorite ways to track stuff. Whether it's books to read, games to play, or movies to watch, it goes into Sofa. The popular app just got better than ever, too — thanks to a big new update that brings us Sofa 3.0 and the all-new Super Sofa subscription.

Starting with the app itself, the new update brings sticky notes so you can add context to the things you're saving as well as new activity stats and filters. But one of the biggest changes is the arrival of The Shelf — a place where you can put things that you want to get to next and then see them all in one place. It doesn't matter if it's a book or a movie or anything else. If it's on The Shelf, you'll see it right there. Think of it as a way to prioritize things and then see them all together, in one place.

All of the new features are backed by the Super Sofa subscription, available as a monthly or annual plan. Priced at $3.99 per month and $35.99 per year — or $5.99 and $59.99 with Family Sharing enabled — Super Sofa gives you access to all the new stuff, including more than 70 current and future themes.

Despite the addition of the Super Sofa option, the core Sofa experience remains free. But if you want to get the most out of the update and its new features, Super Sofa is the way to go. It won't break the bank and it means developer Shawn Hickman can keep these great updates coming!

Sofa was already one of the best iPhone apps around — now it's better than ever.

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