iTunes Match users complain of upload issues

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iTunes Match users are reporting issues with the service, stating it is extremely slow when it comes to uploading music on the platform.

A couple of threads on the Apple Communities support forums indicate users are having issues with uploading, and that they seem to be persisting on and off.

One user on July 18 stated:

I can't upload any songs to my library for matching at Itunes match. Uploading song has status - trying to match at Itunes Store. And this status isn't changing at all. Changing accounts, using other wifi networks - nothing helps The Problem began at Thursday. Before that day everything was OK. Oh - and there is NO problem with downloading already matched songs.

93 users have indicated they have the same issue, as have 30 others in a separate thread. Whilst some users have reported that since raising the issue their service appears to have been restored, posts as recent as Wednesday and Tuesday of this week say that users are still having issues:

Can you tell me if you are still experiencing this problem? I'm in the same part of the world as you and have had real problems over the last two days - Apple Care has also been tricky to deal with as communications seem to get cut. Perhaps it's an issue at their end, like you said.

iMore has done its own testing and can confirm that uploading is extremely slow, with songs hanging on whilst waiting on iCloud. Users on reddit have also recently reported the issue.

Apple's iTunes Match service lets users upload their music library to the cloud so that they can listen to it across all of their devices. The service is now included as part of Apple Music, bringing the benefits of iTunes Match and the Apple Music library.

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