New render imagines a redesigned and colorful MacBook Air

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Could this be the next design coming for the MacBook Air?

When Apple unveiled its new iMac at the company's "Spring loaded" event in April, everyone got a look at a completely new design language for Apple's desktop computer. The new iMac is completely redesigned and is the first Mac to feature a wide range of vibrant colors in years.

One of the colors that the new iMac comes in is a two-tone Blue that Apple anticipates being one of the most popular colors as the company plans to sell it along with three other colors in its physical Apple Stores.

When the new iMac was announced, one thing that was on everyone's mind was if Apple could bring this new, colorful design language to its other Macs. Ian Zelbo, known as Renders By Ian, put that inkling to work and imagined what a new MacBook Air could look like if it was inspired by the new iMac.

The artist put together what a redesigned MacBook Air in blue could look like, white bezels and all.

I mentioned that I'd love to see the two-tone design come to the MacBook Air as well with a more vibrant blue making its way around the casing, but Zelbo wasn't sure if this would work correctly for the MacBook Air with how it is currently engineered.

I experimented with this but then it wouldn't be made with a unibody design. Right now the entire bottom piece is from one block of aluminum and couldn't be different colors for the inside. maybe the lid, but it doesn't look great

— Ian Zelbo (@RendersbyIan) May 5, 2021

While Apple is not expected to unveil a new MacBook Air anytime soon, the company is rumored to be releasing a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro later this year.

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