Rob McElhenney talks 'Mythic Quest' ahead of season two premiere

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Rob talks Rob McElhenney talks "Mythic Quest" ahead of season two.

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What you need to know

Rob McElhenney sat down with Polygon to talk about "Mythic Quest." Season two of the series premieres Friday, May 7.

Rob McElhenney has a lot to say about "Mythic Quest."

Ahead of the series' season two premiere on Apple TV+, McElhenney sat down with Polygon for an interview. One of the things they discussed about the new season was McElhenney's relationship with Charlotte Nicdao who plays Ian's co-manager Poppy Li.

"I mean, she's an asshole," McElhenney laughs. "But she's not! All of a sudden, she's been given this enormous amount of responsibility, which she's always wanted and asked for. But what comes along with that responsibility is not necessarily something she really thought or wanted, and then she has to know how to act or react with zero role models. She's only ever had one job in her entire life, and her role model was [Ian]. And it winds up becoming this self-fulfilling prophecy where you are becoming your own boss, the boss you hated, but it's the boss you know, so you think that maybe it's just the way [people are supposed to] boss. And the cycle creates a toxic environment."

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Both the second and first seasons, according to McElhenney, satirize the exact kind of workplace behavior that the entire team strives to avoid in real creative settings.

"This is the thing I think can and will continue to set us apart from other versions of this that I've seen that have driven me insane," McElhenney says. "Which is that there is some sort of character who's at the moral center of a story like this, who proves to the characters and the world that a certain behavior will actually not only be ethically and morally right within the context of the story and the world, but also will wind up creating the best product as well. And I think that's bullshit."

"I think that's what we really strive to show in Mythic Quest," McElhenney says. "That there is no person who is wholly one thing. They are very, very complicated and complex people."

You can check out the full interview on Polygon. Season two of "Mythic Quest" will premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 7.

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