Some Apple employees are being asked their COVID-19 vaccination status

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Apple is reportedly asking employees at some locations whether they are vaccinated or not. Employees don't have to answer, but those who choose not to will be assumed to not be vaccinated and may be subject to additional health and safety protocols.

According to a new series of tweets by The Verge's Zoë Schiffer, Apple is asking some employees their current vaccination status, with confidential responses covering whether they're "fully vaccinated, have had a partial dose, are not vaccinated, or do not wish to share."

However, those who decide not to share their vaccination status may have to deal with additional health and safety protocols because Apple will assume they are unvaccinated.

Apple's response to COVID-19 has been swift and decisive throughout the pandemic and it was one of the first companies to close retail outlets last year. It also recently delayed plans to have employees return to Apple Park and other offices, amid concerns that the virus is a continued threat to its workers.

Apple will surely have been hoping for a different outcome and would prefer to have everyone back in the office. It has a busy few months ahead with iPhone 13 just the tip of the iceberg. It's set to be the best iPhone yet and will likely be joined by new Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs before the year comes to a close.

Apple's office-based employees continue to push for more flexibility in terms of working from home, although CEO Tim Cook has so far been adamant that in-person working is required where possible.

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Apple TV+ reportedly has just 3% market share

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