This recreated Mac OS X Snow Leopard Safari reminds us of the good old days

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Developer Zane Kleinberg has brought Mac OS X Snow Leopard's Safari 5 back from the dead, and you can install it on your own Mac right now. Safari 5 was pretty great, and now you can run it on modern Macs, too.

With so much talk about the Safari 15 update in macOS Monterey, using the Snow Leopard version — lovingly recreated in SwiftUI — is a breath of fresh air. Taps look like tabs and the old search box is back, too. This might be the best Mac browser available today!

So with all the debate going around with the new Safari in Monterey, I decided to try a little experiment and recreate Snow Leopard's version of Safari in SwiftUI. Gotta say, It’s so much fun to use! You can download it at

— Zane (@zzanehip) July 26, 2021

Anyone who wants to take the new-old Safari for a spin can download it for free from GitHub now. From the icon to the way the blue loading bar appears when you open a website, this recreation of Safari 5 hits me right in the nostalgia feels. Thanks to 9to5Mac for bringing it to my attention this morning!

I'm not feeling brave enough to run the iMore CMS in Safari 5, but a few minutes of browsing the web didn't present any huge problems. Is it as quick as Safari 15 on the macOS Monterey beta? No, not really. But it also means I can tell which tab is active at a glance, so there's that!

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