iPhone 14 won‘t include in-screen Touch ID

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NewsTouch ID might be back in the iPhone 13Bad news: looks like iPhone 14 won’t be Apple’s first with an in-display Touch ID scanner.
Concept image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple won’t build the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system into the 2022 iPhone, according to a very reliable tipster. That’s bad news for those who aren‘t fans of Face ID, or want a second option.

There haven’t been any specific reports that the iPhone 14 will include Touch ID, but Apple is supposedly working on an in-screen version.

No Touch ID in iPhone 14

A 2021 rumor said Cupertino is testing an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Obviously, this didn’t make it into that year’s iPhone 13.

And, when asked in a Twitter thread whether it’ll be in the iPhone 14, display expert Ross Young said, “Doesn’t look like Touch ID this year.”

Ross Young is the founder of DisplaySearch. His predictions about upcoming Apple products have so far been 100% accurate, according to AppleTrack.

Just Face ID for now

While tipsters claim Apple is exploring returning fingerprint scanning to its devices, they say Face ID isn’t going anywhere. Touch ID would be an additional option.

A number of Apple’s biggest rivals, including Samsung, build both facial recognition and fingerprint scanning into their handsets. And touching an iPhone screen to unlock it is sometimes more convenient than pointing the front-facing camera toward one’s face.

Assuming the rumors are true, none of the tipsters have been able to say why Apple is holding off putting in-screen Touch ID into its devices. But it’s probable the company doesn’t think the biometric tech is reliable enough or inconspicuous enough when embedded in a display. Or both.


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