Kick your healthy 2023 into overdrive with these 3 smart products

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Sponsored Momax Sunrise Sunrise Alarm Clock Watch the sun come up with Momax's nifty smart alarm clock.
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January isn’t over yet, so you might still be trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions. Why not give yourself a fighting chance with Momax’s nifty smart appliances?

Three Momax products in particular might give you a jump-start on a healthy new year. They include a smart alarm clock that can help you get to sleep as well as wake you up, a super-precise smart food scale that can advise you on nutrition, and a smart jump rope that can replace your personal trainer.

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Momax smart products

All three of these health- and wellness-oriented devices work with the Momax Smart app (as do many of the company’s other products). Available for iOS as well as Android devices, it gives you a central app to control a wide variety of Momax gear. And these three in particular can help you get off to a healthy start in 2023.

Momax Sunrise Alarm Clock

The Momax Smart Sunrise Alarm Clock lets you customize your wake-up alarm and more. It offers nine light modes, seven natural sounds and a variety of ways to set definitions for alarm volume and duration, all packed into a cool-looking circular device.

You can set two alarms for your family or for different time periods. The smart alarm clock also offers snooze mode if you want to sleep more. And don’t worry about finding the “on” switch. You can turn it on by simply pressing the entire product.

This smart clock isn’t just a wake-up alarm, either. It’s also a sleep aid night light. Its nine themed-lighting effects and four white-noise sounds can create a distraction-free zone for better sleep. And it helps create ambiance for different occasions, like a yoga session or a party.

The clock features a simple and intuitive display that shows the time, all functional modes of the clock and weather conditions. And it comes with a wireless charging base that can charge your cellphone with up to 15W of power and a USB-C port capable of charging a second device.

You can control it via Momax’s app, or by voice (Alexa or Google Assistant) or button. You can use the app to customize colors and more.

The clock connects easily to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. When you connect via Bluetooth, the device turns into a speaker and you can play your favorite music.

Where to buy: Amazon

Momax Smart IoT Food Nutrition Scale

This smart scale can weight even tiny amounts of food.This smart scale can weigh even tiny amounts of food.
Photo: Momax

The Momax IoT Smart Nutrition Food Scale comes equipped with four high-precision E-type sensors to accurately measure data. That makes the scale suitable for home cooks and even professional bakers.

The device can analyze different foods for up to 25 nutritional values, including vitamin D, calories and more. And, at just 20mm thick, the scale can be moved around easily and stored almost anywhere.

The scale connects to other devices via wireless pairing. That helps you track your daily nutritional intake.

With a tough glass surface, the scale resists cracks and is easy to clean.

Where to buy: Amazon

Momax Smart Jump Rope for Fitness

Your jump rope can also be your personal trainer.Your jump rope can also be your personal trainer.
Photo: Momax

The Momax Smart Jump Rope for Fitness comes with a 9.8-foot skipping rope and a cordless ball. So if you’re in a tight space, you can easily train with the cordless ball without worrying about breaking furniture or hurting yourself.

In addition, the product also features three Jump Rope modes to choose from — Free jump, Time countdown and Numbers countdown.

The jump rope connects wirelessly to the Momax Smart App, which assigns programs based on your goals and tracks your workout data daily. A voice reminder and built-in counter make your training easier. You also can compete with your friends through the app.

The jump rope comes equipped with magnetic handles so you can put them together for perfect storage and portability. And the magnetic charging port makes charging a snap.

The smart jump rope’s sensor can accurately calculate each jump to ensure the authenticity of data. Precision steel bearings not only support fast, smooth and stable rotation, but also reduce rotation noise.

The product includes a 3 meter/9.85 feet PVC wire rope that is durable and tangle-free. The adjustable-length design makes it suitable for women, men and kids of all body types. That way, one jump rope can meet the exercise needs of the whole family.

Where to buy: Amazon

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