MagSafe Battery Packs by Charge Fast Quick Review

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I’ve always wanted Apple to make these MagSafe portable batteries since announcing MagSafe with the iPhone 12. I’ve always used smart battery cases for years, so the idea of them adding removable portable battery’s to their silicone cases is really what I’ve been after. In the meantime, I found an article on 9to5Mac about these MagSafe batteries. I ordered one because it only cost £20 including shipping which you can’t go wrong.

As a quick review here are some points;

Build: Made of plastic, doesn’t feel premium but also doesn’t feel it would fall apart.

Magnets: They do stay in place well, better than I thought. It doesn’t fall off when I put in my pocket and paired with my 12 Pro adds a nice bit of curve to the back to hold more grippy.

Charging/ports: It features a USB C port for charging itself and other devices, at 20W (includes cable but no power brick). When used with my Apple 20W it fully charged the 5000Mah battery in about an hour. It has a normal USB port which charges at 10w. Lastly, it supports what it claims is 15W MagSafe wireless charging, through testing it seems to output about 9W which is the same as the reading I get from the official MagSafe charger which I have never seen actually charge at 15W even though it is the right charging plug. So fairly decent, though not as fast as a cable. When turning on via the button and attaching it to the back, it does the MagSafe animation for charging and the colour of the device (grey in this case) which I was surprised about. It charged a dead iPhone 12 Pro from 0-100% in the same time as MagSafe (3 hours ish) and had 25% battery left inside it (has led indicators)

Size and weight: It’s thicker than I thought it would be, it isn’t slim at all. It’s about 1.5x the thickness of the iPhone 12 itself. Though on the other hand it doesn’t feel very heavy at all and I like the weight it adds to the phone (sorry I can’t measure this I don’t have a scales).

Overall thoughts... it’s fine. For £20 I’ll buy another two and it will be good for my long walks and when life goes back to normal long days. The concept is brilliant, execution is.. well ok. It’s a cheap product, and Apple really needs to make this themselves (though will probably be a lot more), or at least a more reputable brand. It took 2 weeks to come from China which is fine for the price, though long term support probably doesn’t exist. It charges fine and lasts long enough, doesn’t look or feel like a premium product but for something you can quickly snap on its fine.

Do I recommended? Yes, only for the price and only until no alternatives are out there, then I will see.

Sorry if I didn’t cover much, ask away any questions, only had this for 3 days just wanted to share my thoughts.

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