Microsoft ditches its only Forza game for mobile

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NewsForza-Street-iPadForza Street is just too different to actual Forza.
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Microsoft has confirmed that it is throwing in the towel on the only Forza game we got for mobile devices. The free-to-play Forza Street will get its final update this month before closing this spring, just two years after it landed.

“We’re proud and grateful for the community of players we were able to build with Forza Street,” Microsoft said. “We want to use what we learned on building new and exciting Forza products.”

Forza Street has (almost) run its last race

Despite the popularity of the Forza series, its transition to mobile never really made a mark. Forza Street launched with little fanfare when it made its debut on Windows in May 2020, and even less when it hit the App Store a month later.

That’s likely because Forza Street is very different to original Forza games. It offered much more casual gameplay, in which you couldn’t even steer your car, rather than being the exciting racing simulator fans are used to.

It’s not too surprising, then, that Microsoft is closing Forza Street just a year after it made its debut on iPhone and iPad. The game will get its final update on January 10 before it is closed down for good this spring.

Here’s what you need to know if you still play Forza Street today.

What will happen to Forza Street?

When Microsoft officially closes down the game, it won’t be playable anymore — even if you already have it installed. Players will be greeted by an “information screen” that explains the game is dead … and that’s all they’ll get.

Any in-game currency you have can still be spent as you please, and all items are now discounted until Forza Street closes. Any unspent currency will be lost, and you cannot get a refund for it, or anything else you’ve purchased.

However, Microsoft is offering refunds “as a courtesy” for those who have made Forza Street purchases within the last 30 days. The refunds will be issued automatically, so you don’t need to do anything other than wait for it.

Check out Microsoft closure FAQ for more information.

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