New iPhone 13 ads highlight screen durability and battery life

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Iphone 13 Doin LapsSource: Apple TV+

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Apple has released two new ads for the iPhone 13. "Doin' Laps" highlights the battery like of the new iPhone. "Run Baby Run" showcases the protection of the new Ceramic Shield glass.

The iPhone 13 has been in the hands of Apple customers since September of 2021 but that doesn't mean that Apple still isn't advertising the heck out of it.

Today, the company released two new ads that highlight some of the main features of its latest flagship smartphone.

The first, called "Doin' Laps," highlights the battery life of the iPhone 13. The jump from the 12 to 13 was noticeable, especially if you were someone who upgraded from the iPhone 12 mini to the iPhone 13 mini.

What will you do with even looooooonger battery life? Relax, it's iPhone.

The second ad is called "Run Baby Run." This ad shows off Ceramic Shield, the new smartphone glass featured in the entire iPhone 13 lineup. As the ad shows, if your iPhone lands in the hands of your kid, you can at least rest a little easier knowing that it is more protected from drops than prior iPhone models.

Keep in mind, though, that Ceramic Shield does not increase its resistance to scratches - just drops.

iPhone 13 with Ceramic Shield. Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it's iPhone.

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iPhone 13 And Mini Pink Cropped Render

iPhone 13

Bottom line: The iPhone 13 is the best iPhone for most people, with impressive new cameras and notable improvements to battery life. Without all the bells and whistles of the Pro line, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are still powerhouses that'll keep owners happy for years to come.

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