Prepare for input lag in your N64 and Sega Genesis games on Switch

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The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack boasted the ability to play Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis in multiplayer mode. For some, playing games like Mario Kart 64 with friends online was a huge draw, as the multiplayer function is what made consoles like the Nintendo 64 so popular.

However, more and more Expansion Pack users are experiencing a huge problem: input lag. This means that players witness a delay between pressing a button and the game executing a specific action, such as jumping. The following video shows how this can be seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Link only jumps a significant length of time after the buttons have been pressed.

Please beware of the flash warning, caused by the video being recorded at 240 frames per second.

— Nick/Grylvak 👑 (@Grylvak) October 26, 2021

While this may be tolerable in single player to a certain extent, multiplayer lag not only affects your inputs in relation to executed actions, but the sound as well. Some users uploaded videos of their experiences to Twitter, where the game essentially moved at the same pace as a slideshow. The audio distortion was also very severe.

It's clear that the Nintendo Switch is struggling to handle multiple people playing games online. The Nintendo 64 is notoriously difficult to emulate, so many didn't expect perfection, but users expected Nintendo to do more stress-testing before bringing their service to the general public. We'll be sure to inform you once bug patches become available.

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