Report: iPhone 13 part orders to ramp up in June, match entire Android biz

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If all goes according to plan we can expect Apple to announce iPhone 13 later this year, likely in September. For that to happen Apple needs to start getting all of its parts lined up and that's happening this month, with big orders for voice coil motors (VCM) being made.

Today's DigiTimes report says that Apple Taiwan's VCM companies ar expecting orders from Apple to grow through June, with component orders growing as much as 40%. VCMs are used in the manufacturing of cameras and Apple is expected to offer upgrades in that regard with iPhone 13.

The sources pointed out that the next-generation iPhones are expected to have upgrades in camera modules and 3D sensors for Face ID, resulting in increasing use of VCMs, said the sources adding that Apple has also asked related component suppliers to increase their capacities by 30-40% in order to meet its demand.

The report goes on to point out that Huawei's VCM orders have dropped due to its ongoing issues with selling to the United States. That's likely one of the reasons that DigiTimes' sources expect Apple's VCM shipments to match the entire Android world.

With Apple's order pull-ins for VCMs expected to begin surging in July, overall VCM shipments to Apple is expected to reach the same level as those to the Android camp as a whole, the sources said.

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