Save 50% and pay just £149 for the stunning Beats Studio3 ANC headphones

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This Black Friday is absolutely the best time to get your hands on some new headphones with Amazon now offering the popular Beats Studio3 headphones at a massive 50% discount.

Ordering a pair of those headphones right now will get them onto your head for just £149 — and you can even choose from five different colors when buying, too. All you need to do is make sure to have your favored color selected when adding your new headphones to your basket.

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A deal that sounds too good to be true, but is very much real!

Studio3 headphonest

Beats Studio3 headphones | 40% off at Amazon

Apart from being some good-looking headphones, the Beats Studio3 cans have all the features you need, too. 22 hours of battery life? Check. Fast charging? Check. That unmistakable Beats sound? You betcha! And you can pick a color that suits your personal aesthetic, too!

Those who enjoy long listening sessions can look forward to a 22-hour battery life, while a single 10-minute charge gets you an additional three hours of play time. The addition of "Pure adaptive noise canceling (pure ANC)" also means you won't be dealing with a ton of outside noise whether you're in the office or on the tube. And did we mention how gorgeous these things are?

Unlike some headphones, the Beats Studio3 have a 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable, so you can plug them into something like it's 1999. And yes, you can use these headphones for conference and video calls should the need arise.

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