Sony reportedly working on new PlayStation 5 with a removable USB-C disc drive

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We have seen a few hardware enhancements and alterations to Sony’s flagship home gaming console since it released, but nothing quite like the purported new PS5 detachable disc drive. According to Insider Gaming, Sony is in the midst of development on what appears to be a new PS5 peripheral that could very well see the console’s disc drive take on the form of a removable reader as part of future iteration of PlayStation 5. Head below for more details. 

PS5 detachable disc drive in the works?

Reports suggest a major future hardware update to PlayStation could include an optional removable disc drive that attaches to the console via USB-C. 

This PS5 detachable disc drive would presumably mean Sony could cut its current SKU in half, offering only a single disc-free version with an optional bundled-in disc drive. Effectively allowing users to purchase what could be a more affordable PS5, perhaps something akin to the current-generation all-digital version, customers might be able to opt for either a bundle with the disc drive or purchase it down the line at a later time. This could also be good news when it comes to faulty disc drives that would almost certainly become a much affordable fix with the reported new, more modular setup. 

The modular approach allegedly in the works could also point at a complete redesign of the divisive external aesthetics as well. While it might just look like the all-digital version we have now, reports suggest the outer chassis will be replaced in some form or fashion as well. We have seen the inside of the PS5 tweaked quite significantly over the last couple years, not the least of which was the new motherboard spotted earlier this year and before that, the lightweight heatsink enhancement.

It looks as though Sony is aiming for September 2024 with the PS5 detachable disc drive situation, so it will be a while before we know what’s going on for sure. 

In the meantime, Sony is ramping up for the launch of its first-ever pro-grade controller with the DualSense Edge and readying its second-generation virtual reality platform. PSVR2 is still on schedule to release in early 2023, but we did just get confirmation that it won’t be compatible with PSVR1 games

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