Tested: Spigen’s iPhone 14 cases remain as some of the best bang for your buck out there

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It’s time to take a hands-on look at the Spigen iPhone 14 case collection. While we haven’t had a chance to wrap our new iPhone around every model the brand offers, we do have a series of the most popular options in the stable and are ready to weigh in. Many of these models are already marked down in price, making them an even more enticing purchase, but most of the brand’s cases hit slightly above their pay grade, anyway. Head below for more details in our Spigen iPhone 14 case review. 

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Hands-on with Spigen iPhone 14 cases

This year we are, thus far, getting a chance to go hands on with four models in the Spigen iPhone 14 collection. All four, much like the rest of the Spigen lineup we featured as it went live, are available for iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and Pro Max.

The brand rolled out its new iPhone 14 case collection shortly after Apple’s Far Out keynote event, with the latest iterations of its mainstay designs alongside some new additions. Its Rugged Armor MagFit features what the brand refers to as a revamped and enhanced approach while the brand also introduced the new novel Cryo Armor Case, featuring a shell designed to help dissipate heat, presumably for gamers or folks that are constantly charging. (We are looking to feature this model in a later review sometime in the near future.)

While many of the Spigen iPhone 14 cases are now already on sale via the official Amazon storefront, for the purposes of this review, we are zeroing in on its most beloved and popular designs that 9to5 readers and iPhone users everywhere purchase year after year to protect their precious handsets without breaking the bank. More specifically the Mag Armor MagFit, Rugged Armor MagFit, Thin Fit, and the Liquid Air. Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet for each of them:

Spigen Mag Armor MagFit iPhone 14 case:

Made from TPU for durabilityDrop protection via Air Cushion TechnologyMatted texture for extra gripRaised edges for screen and camera protectionCompatible with wireless charging and MagSafe accessories

Spigen Rugged Armor MagFit iPhone 14 case:

Made from PC, TPU, and Impact Foam for durabilityDrop protection via Extreme Protection TechExtra corner protection infused with Extreme Protection TechRaised edges for screen and camera protectionCompatible with wireless charging and MagSafe accessories

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 14 case:

Made from PC and TPU for durabilityDrop protection via Air Cushion TechnologyPrecise cutouts and tactile buttons for easier accessibilityRaised edges for screen and camera protectionCompatible with wireless charging

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone 14 case:

Made from TPU for durabilityDrop protection via Air Cushion TechnologyMatte textured design for a nonslip gripRaised edges for screen and camera protectionCompatible with wireless charging

9to5Toys’ Take

As per usual, Spigen has provided a snug, well-fitting sheath on each model; wireless charging-friendly designs; and affordable price tags. Everything fits as intended, lines up nicely with the power/volume buttons and power switch cutout, and locks nicely into MagSafe chargers (on the MagFit-compatible models anyway).

Another highlight from the Spigen lineup for me carrying over to iPhone 14 is the light branding. There’s no garish logo or text plastered across the case, just a tight little debossed Spigen imprint on the back lower third in a – usually – contrasting texture from the actual case. It is a nice implementation of branding without being in your face and adds a touch of interest to an otherwise quite minimalist design in most cases. 

For me, the brand really shines in that slightly more interesting than basic black iPhone case category, and the four models on display here are great examples of that. Just keep in mind, Spigen also offers a series of clear cases alongside other colorways, like the like navy, red, sand pink, and sand beige options you’ll find on the Thin Fit variant

It might have been nice to see a more plushy microfiber texture on the inside of the cases like you see on others we had a chance to try out thus far or, perhaps, something like Spigen’s Enzo iPhone 13 model. But those options tend to come in at a far more expensive price tag, sometimes even double the price or more. 

Spigen has once again delivered a solid case collection for this year’s iPhone release. The brand remains one of the better and most popular options in the price range, and for a reason. There are no real bells and whistles or overly premium materials at work here but, rather, just a solid, well-made iPhone 14 case that won’t break the bank. Its covers have been featured in our roundup of the best cases now available for iPhone 14, sit atop our top five picks of last year, and might very well land in there again later in 2022.

Buy the Spigen iPhone 14 cases from $14.

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