Trevenant got announced for Pokémon UNITE

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Pokémon UNITE continues to be popular, being the perfect marriage of the iconic Pocket Monster series and the MOBA gameplay style. Ever since its launch on the Nintendo Switch, new characters like Tsareena and Dragonite have been added, providing a wide range of playable fighters from every Pokémon region around the world.

The latest addition to the roster is Trevenant, a Grass/Ghost Pokémon from the Kalos region that resembles a terrifying haunted tree. It uses powerful Grass- and Ghost-type moves in its arsenal, among other things, and will surely be a force to be reckoned with. Its role in Pokémon UNITE is Defender, which is great for players who don't want to play offensively and instead support their team.

Don't go out in the woods alone! Trevenant is on its way to #PokemonUNITE, and it’s a Defender you need to see to be-leaf!

— Pokémon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) January 13, 2022

Though the developers did announce the new addition on their official Twitter account, there was no mention of when exactly players could expect to play as Trevenant in their own game outside of the claim that the character is "on its way". We're sure that Pokémon UNITE fans on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android will be able to play this chonky tree soon, so stay tuned!

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Pokémon Unite

Unity is the key to success!

Pokémon UNITE is the first MOBA game in the Pokémon franchise. It's free to play, has unique customization options for both players and Pokémon, and features some of the most popular Pokémon in battles between teams of five.

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