You can play Prince of Persia on your Apple Watch and no we aren't joking

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We've seen plenty of stories that have Apple Watches saving lives and they've been great accessories for people who have been working to get fit, too. But now things have been kicked up to a whole new level because yes, you can play Prince of Persia on an Apple Watch. And it really really works.

It's all made possible after someone put Prince of Persia into a web page using JavaScript and we all know that an Apple Watch can be persuaded to open websites when pushed. That means that emailing or using iMessage to send the game's URL to an Apple Watch is all that's needed to get the ball rolling. The result is Prince of Persia, fully functional with support for touch controls, on your wrist.

Check it out!

Incredible! Prince of Persia runs on @Apple Watch including full @phaser_ engine, playable with touch controls. Just send a mail or message with body to yourself, open link on Apple Watch and play in near original resolution. #PrinceOfPersia #AppleWatch

— Oliver Klemenz (@oklemenz) January 11, 2022

The App Store might be full to the brim with games, but somehow playing a classic on your wrist just hits different, right?

If you own an Apple Watch and want to try this for yourself, just send to yourself and tap away.

I think we just found the best Apple Watch game yet!

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